Station Stays SA

Embrace the Authentic Outback Experience with Station Stays in SA

So much of Australia’s natural beauty is in the outback, and there’s no better way to experience that directly than with our station stays in SA. Almerta Station is a premier camping destination in South Australia that offers exceptional privacy, a relaxing atmosphere, multiple nearby attractions, and comforting optional accommodations.

Benefits of Station Stays in South Australia

When you take a camping trip in SA, it addresses several primal needs that an urban environment cannot meet.

  • You can reconnect with nature by immersing yourself in pristine outback land. Our camping sites are secluded throughout our property, each spaced between 1 and 15 kilometres apart so that you’ll never have uninvited guests. You can spend time with your family and enjoy the starry skies at night and natural beauty during the day.
  • Free yourself from obligation, worry, and work. Take the opportunity to explore what our property has to offer. Wake up to birdsong rather than an alarm clock and do so on your body’s natural rhythm. We’ve also created a helpful activity sheet to give you options for how you’ll fill your day from which you can draw inspiration.
  • Bring a bicycle or start marching and travel our 200km of hiking and cycling trails. You’ll see exceptional beauty, including the Natural Springs and Waterhole. If you’re an equestrian, then feel free to bring your equine companion, as our trails are horse-friendly.

What Sets Almerta Station Apart Regarding Station Stays in Australia

When you seek station stays, you want the perfect blend of comfort, natural beauty, and accessibility for your needs.

  • Our campsites are all eco-friendly and peaceful. Each breath is of clean air, the stars are unobscured by significant light pollution, and you’ll hear the natural sounds of nearby wildlife. We prohibit 4×4 vehicles on our land, so you’ll even be able to appreciate the stillness and silence as you travel about our trails.
  • We’ve partnered with local businesses to offer optional services that enhance your stay. Hire us to host an event, and we can provide quality catering services. Unwind with a tension-relieving massage during your stay right at your campsite.
  • You can even choose how connected you’d like to remain to the outside world. We have sites that get no mobile reception and those that have good coverage, so you can choose to be cut off during your stay or showcase the beauty you’re seeing with friends and family via social media.

We believe that there’s nothing quite like station stays to release the tension of modern living and reconnect with your inner self.

About Almerta Station

We’re an award-winning destination for those who want to experience camping at South Australia’s beautiful station stays. Almerta Station covers hundreds of kilometres, and we’ve selected 13 exceptional spots for you to have a unique camping experience. We’d love to host your group or event, so contact us today and enquire about available dates. If you’re looking to get back in touch with nature, there’s no better way than visiting Almerta Station.