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Visit Almerta Station for World-Class Hiking Trails in Australia

Are you looking for a vacation destination with plenty of hiking trails in Australia? You will find precisely what you’re seeking with a visit to Almerta Station. We are unique as far as vacation destinations are concerned: a family-owned sheep station in the Flinders Range that also offers camping and guest quarters. If your idea of a camping trip rests somewhere between getting off the grid and roughing it completely out in the wilderness, you will love the happy medium we provide.

What Sets Almerta Station Apart Regarding Hiking Trails in South Australia

What makes Almerta Station such a terrific spot for hiking trails in South Australia? While we aren’t just a hiking destination, our trails are certainly among the top draws for our guests. Here are a few reasons why:

  • There are many of them. Some campgrounds advertise hiking trails in Australia, only to offer 5-10 kilometres of actual trails. You won’t have that problem at Almerta Station. We provide easy access to six different trails, encompassing more than 200 kilometres. Trust us when we say there is plenty to explore.
  • The scenic, quiet setting. The result is a scenic, remarkably silent setting where you will truly be able to relax and appreciate the majesty and magnitude of nature.
  • The access to nature. Our trails wind through the Flinders Range, which is not just a beautiful setting but also a habitat for various types of wildlife. On any given hike, you might see kangaroos, emus, and plenty of interesting bird life.

Benefits of Staying with Almerta Station

In terms of bush walks near Adelaide, it’s tough to top what we offer at Almerta Station. But what makes our park a place where you will want to stay for a few days? Consider these benefits—not just of our trails, but of our campgrounds and overall guest experience as well:

  • Our history. Almerta Station is (and has been for many years) a farm and sheep station. There are currently 4,000 sheep on the property, which means you will surely encounter them. Depending on when you visit, there may even be opportunities to observe our shearers at work.
  • Our size. As mentioned above, our property includes tens of thousands of acres of land—35,000, to be exact. All this space is not only terrific for our far-reaching hiking trails in SA, but it also means more privacy for our campgrounds and guests.
  • Our mix of experiences. Do you need a mobile connection on your camping trip? We can provide you with a campsite where you’ll get service. Do you want to get off the grid? We have campsites where your phone won’t have any coverage. No matter the type of experience you prefer, we can help provide it.

Why Trust Almerta Station for Your Bush Walks in Adelaide

For years, Almerta Station was just a farm and sheep station. Eventually, we decided that we should open this remarkable property to travellers and explorers. Our goal is always to provide our guests with an enjoyable experience, and we believe that you will find just that out on our hiking trails in South Australia. Contact us today to learn more.