Large Group Accommodation South Australia


Almerta Station offers Large Group Accommodation in South Australia

Almerta Station is a family-owned and operated destination and sheep station that offer large group accommodation in South Australia, away from all the bustle of the big cities. All too often in this modern world, we live overscheduled lives in the constant din of our screens and their distracting diversions. Sometimes you need to recharge, centre yourself and get back to nature before returning to your hectic life and you can find it with us.

Benefits of Cheap Accommodation in South Australia from Almerta Station

Everyone who has had a stressful or time-consuming job has idly dreamed of getting away from it all, pushing all their cares and worries aside, if only for a few days. Our remote location makes that possible and is one of the main benefits many of our past guests have raved about after their stay. A few of the other benefits of getting away from it all include:

  • Camping in one of our unique bush campsites. A fantastic choice for a family holiday, removing all the distractions that keep you from interacting with each other. We offer a place where kids can be kids and adults can reconnect. A family mountain biking trek is the perfect exercise while reconnecting with nature and your humans.
  • Corporate retreats. In business, the connection and comradery of your team can make all the difference in their ability to work together. We have group accommodation for corporate retreats or team building.
  • We make a great venue for a unique wedding or occasion, such as a family reunion. If you are planning your big day, we can even handle the catering for you.

What Sets Almerta Station Apart Regarding Group Accommodation in South Australia

For group accommodation, our remote location sets us apart from many other options. When you truly want to get away from it all, we are the ideal choice. A few of the other things that set us apart include:

  • As a working sheep station, we can offer a glimpse into how the business works. If you stay with us during the shearing season of September, we can organise a shearing demonstration with an entertaining and educational explanation of the process.
  • Some campsites have no mobile coverage. You can request one of these sites if you want to ensure that your family doesn’t miss everything by staring at their phone all day.
  • We offer the option of ordering food from local businesses, ask us for order forms, and we will have it ready for you when you arrive.

Why Almerta Station Budget Accommodation in South Australia is Cost-Effective

We operate as a working sheep station, but after coming to the area and experiencing the timeless beauty and tranquillity of our remote paradise, we knew we had to share it with others. After finding 13 special spots on our property, we opened them as campsites. We keep our camping prices low because we are not a resort with fancy rooms and all the comforts of home, but a place to pitch a tent and lose yourself in the natural wonders. Contact us today to learn more about our campsites and activities.