Flinders Range Camping


Reconnect with Your True Self During a Stay at Flinders Range Camping

Few things allow you to get back in touch with your inner nature better than Flinders Range camping. Almerta Station has cultivated excellent camping spots in South Australia that are ideally suited to your needs to get away from the modern world. While you’re camping with us, you’ll still find plenty of things to do in the Flinders Range and have the opportunity for some invigorating creature comforts.

What You Can Expect from Almerta Station Regarding Flinders Range Station Camping

While you’re in as much seclusion as you’d like during your camping stay, we’ll never abandon you to make it on your own. We help you out by offering:

  • An activity sheet to make the most of the stay, including highlights about the surrounding Flinders Range attractions. No matter what parts of the outdoor experience appeal to you most, you’ll find a chance to explore it at the Flinders Range, and we’ll help you find your way there.
  • Picnic sites for use, so that you can enjoy a delicious packed lunch with your family and friends. The sites are similarly secluded, and when other groups aren’t currently using a camping site, you have access to it for picnics. The designated picnic location even has a toilet for when you need a dash of modern comfort for your basic necessities.
  • A peaceful, relaxing time, with the security of knowing that there’s always someone available in case of an emergency. We’ll leave it to you to enjoy your stay at the Flinders Range, but our team is at your service if the need arises.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Accommodation in the Flinders Range

We happily host veteran campers and newcomers alike. If it’s your first time staying with us, consider these helpful tips to make the most of your stay:

  • You can purchase ice, firewood, and stubby holders onsite. Don’t worry figuring out logistics or putting in the effort of hauling them to your campsite and instead spend less time by purchasing them directly from us.
  • Seek out the local wildlife and see nature in action. You’ll see many kinds of birds, as well as kangaroos, emus, and snakes throughout the property. If you want to see more domestic farm animals, there are over 4000 sheep on our range, so you may catch us when it’s time for shearing.
  • Plan for the kind of stay you’d like to make it. We have campsites that are mobile-friendly so that you can stay in touch with your friends and upload your pictures to social media. Alternatively, you can choose a spot that doesn’t have mobile reception and enjoy the peace that comes from being truly disconnected.

Related Services We Provide to Accommodation in Flinders

When you stay at Almerta Station’s Flinders Range camping, there are countless ways you can enjoy the occasion:

  • Take your relaxation to another level with a revitalising massage. Relieve the tension that comes from sports, working, or commuting day in and day out. Start your stay with a massage and wake up refreshed and feeling like a new you the next day.
  • We’re happy to host larger groups and let you use Flinders Range’s natural beauty as a stunning backdrop for your event. Whether you’re holding a graduation party, wedding, birthday party, or another special occasion, we can provide delicious food directly to your campsite.
  • Remember your event in immaculate detail by hiring Focus Photography for a session during your stay.
  • Immortalise your family vacation or special event with professional-quality photography from an experienced photographer.
    Fish for yabbies at the Natural Springs and the Waterhole. Either bring your own equipment or hire one of our nets from the central office.

Why Trust Almerta Station Regarding Flinders Range Accommodation

We know and love the Flinders Range. Our campsites are carefully selected and set between 1 and 15 kilometres apart for maximum privacy. We preserve your peace and quiet while offering over 200km of bike tracks and walking trails. No matter how long you stay, you’ll never run out of new things to see. We’re also consistently adding new options to enhance your stay. Come and see why we’ve won the SA Tourism Awards for multiple years and are Sustainable Tourism accredited. Contact us today to enquire about available dates and confirm your stay.