Camping South Australia


Enjoy Authentic Camping in South Australia at Almerta Station

here is truly no shortage of beautiful sites for camping in South Australia, but not every location can offer the same type of authentic experience you might prefer. Whether you favour waking up to birdsong in the morning before spending the day bushwalking, or you like to have a shady spot to relax, Almerta Station offers an altogether different experience than what you may have experienced at other campsites.

Our active station grazes sheep year-round and even still works on-site so our guests can occasionally observe this time-honoured process. With thirteen unique bush campsites scattered across our property plus access to our shearers’ quarters during most of the year, it shouldn’t be difficult to decide where to book your next South Australia getaway.

The Benefits of a South Australia Holiday at Almerta Station

Almerta Station has a long history, having served as the birthplace and home for members of our family for four
generations. Today, we’re excited to offer travellers the opportunity to experience what we’ve loved about this area for so many decades. When you choose to camp or stay in our quarters, you can enjoy:

  • A huge variety of activities. We supply all our guests with a complete list of options upon arrival, but a few of the opportunities you’ll find here include yabbying, off-road bicycling, bushwalking, and birdwatching.
  • A value-filled option. Our camping rates are highly competitive, as is our per-night price for the shearer’s quarters. For families looking for a cost-effective holiday choice, you need look no further.
  • Majestic views day and night. Whether it’s the Flinders Ranges in the distance or the Milky Way dominating the sky at night, there’s always something exciting to see.

Common Mistakes People Make with South Australia Camping

We want all our guests to enjoy a fantastic experience from start to finish. If you’d like to reserve one of our thirteen campsites located in special areas around the station, planning for your visit properly is an important step. Watch out for some of these most common errors to ensure your stay is as pleasant as possible:

  • Forgetting to bring adequate provisions. Want to stock up before you arrive? Ask us about how you can order local fruit, veg, and meat to pick up before you head to your campsite. Ice is available in our shop.
  • Leaving all the creature comforts at home. “Roughing it” outdoors is fun, but don’t forget to bring your favourite blanket or some other item to keep comfortable.
  • Overpaying for a campsite. Why pay more for a place to camp when you could enjoy a more valuable experience at Almerta Station?

Have questions or concerns to address before you arrive? We’re always happy to help our guests prepare for their stay.

Why You Shouldn’t Go Past Almerta Station

Finding unique options for holidays in South Australia doesn’t have to be difficult. When you only need to travel a few hours outside of Adelaide to reach our sprawling property, making arrangements for a getaway is easy. Enjoy a private and quiet holiday to allow yourself to reconnect with the world around you. Contact us today about bookings — Almerta awaits.