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Experience the Best Bike Trails in SA

Biking enthusiasts take note: if you are looking for the finest bike trails in SA, it’s tough to top what we offer at Almerta Station. Located near the Flinders Ranges National Park, we offer campsites and lodging to explorers interested in experiencing all the beauty and majesty this area has to offer. And with six scenic trails to explore, spanning more than 200 kilometres, you will have plenty of opportunities to explore.

What Sets Almerta Station Apart Regarding Bike Trails in South Australia

You probably already have your own list of favourite bike trails in South Australia. However, we believe that a single visit to Almerta Station will be enough to put at least one of our trails on your list of all-time greats. How come? Here are just a few of the factors that set our biking trails apart from what most people are used to:

  • The variety. Stay with us for a few nights and get in the habit of rolling out of your sleeping bag and going for a bike ride. With half a dozen different trails to choose from—and plenty of distance to give you a terrific workout and then some—you’ll have more than enough variety to keep you fully engaged for days on end. Plus, given our location in the Flinders Range, there’s also a mix of terrain with our trails that makes for both challenging rides and remarkable scenic views.
  • The escape. The rugged terrain isn’t the only big perk of our off-road bike tracks in the Flinders Range. On the contrary, perhaps the biggest reason that guests seek us out (and come back time and time again) is that we offer a true escape. Feeling stressed at work? Looking for a chance to get away from the bustle and noise of the big city for a few days? Almerta Station is the place to be. The silence, space, solitude, and solace you will find here is relaxing and rejuvenating, and never is that on better display than out on our trails.
  • The sights and sounds. If what you are most looking for is an out-of-this-world bike workout, you will find it on our bike trails in the Flinders Range. For most guests, the major draws of these trails are the sights and the sounds. You’ll see abundant bird life, kangaroos, emus, snakes and more. At night, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the most jaw-dropping stars you will ever behold on this earth. The views, such as from the top of the majestic Bluff, are truly something to write home about. Trust us when we say you’ll want to bring a camera—even if no photo will do justice to what your eyes show you.

What You Can Expect from the Almerta Station Regarding Bike Trails in SA

If you are coming to us for mountain biking in the Flinders Range, we want to make sure it’s worth the trip. Here are a few things we do to make sure your visit is as life-affirming and transformative as it should be:

  • We offer a safe experience. When it comes to mountain biking in South Australia, there are some risks that you need to consider and plan for—hunting chief among them. We do not allow hunting on our property, which helps provide a safer experience and greater peace of mind for cyclists.
  • We provide a private experience. Many of our guests come here not just to enjoy the bike tracks in the Flinders Range, but also for a true getaway vacation. Unlike many other ‘campgrounds,’ our campsites are spread apart (between one kilometre and 15, depending on the site) to provide maximum privacy for all visitors.

About Almerta Station

From TV shows to catalogues, various media have featured the vistas of Almerta Station as backdrops. Trust us: experiencing this place in person is a whole different deal and a much more remarkable one. Visit us today and start exploring our bike trails in SA. Call today to reserve your campsite.