Remote, Private and close to nature

Enjoy a stay far away from the city and other people, when you camp on one of Almerta’s campgrounds. We found 11 special spots on our property, that we want to share with you — and you won’t have to share them with anybody else! Because when you book a camp, we won’t let anybody else stay there at the same time.

Feel completely connected to the nature, wake up with the birds singing in the trees, watch our sheep graze or kangaroos hop by and gaze at the bright milky way at night.

Campsite’s are equipped with a either a long drop or a bush toilet, a rubbish bin and a fire pit. Wood is supplied at the site and additional fire wood can be purchased at the office.

A combined toilet and shower block for campers is located next to the Shearing Shed, that also has a tap for non-drinking water.

Drinking water is available at homestead.

These are three of our camps:

Lena’s Campsite

Bluff View Campsite

Miners Rest Campsite