Almerta will revive your five senses… See, Hear, Smell, Taste and Feel

  • Walk up the Bluff to enjoy the view or choose one of our other hiking trails.
  • Check out the natural springs and look for tadpoles and native fish.
  • Enjoy a tasty picnic along the springs.
  • Meditate in one of our beautiful spots and absorb the serenity of your beautiful surroundings.
  • Fossick for rocks and minerals in the creek beds or up at The Rocks.
  • Have a look at what water does when it’s powering through the creek, how the rocks change and the formation of the creek changes.
  • For those with an artistic flair, there are lots of inspirational landscapes to paint.
  • Grab your bike and take a drive on one of our biking trails.
  • Look out for the many native birds living on our property, especially near the natural springs.
  • Wildflowers are abound at this time of year! Look and try to identify as many as you can.
  • Light a bonfire at one of the picnic areas or the firepit near the Shearers Quarters and roast some Marshmallows.
  • Visit our Shearing Shed and have a look at how shearing is done.
  • The dogs always enjoy a visit and the pigs are always hungry.
  • If you are a photographer, take heaps of beautiful pictures or have a closer look at the machinery near the homestead – you may find some treasures.